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Graduation project, Design Academy Eindhoven, 2018


A bath that represents the internal conflict of the designer: should he always choose for a sustainable design to save the planet, or does he allow himself the empowering freedom to create anything he wants?

Fascinated by the forces of nature, Giorgio Gasco wanted to capture the wild and pure feeling of the Romantic painting the ‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’. But nature is no longer what it used to be. Should designers accept or fight this? With this organic-looking, yet synthetic bath, Giorgio creates a new context for reflection.

Ignore the non-decomposable material and the waste of water for a minute. Just step in, relax, and ponder the incoherence of human nature; it might inspire great new thoughts and solutions.


<<I went into the garden to look for a stone, but I found a plastic bottle.>>


TEXT --> Willemijn de Jonge


VIDEO--> Laura Sans